La Dolce Vita is the only Gay Men's Resort in Palm Springs that rewards its guests!

the more you stay, the more you save!

How it works:

  • Sign up for the La Dolce Vita Rewards program through our website
  • Earn 1 point for every night you stay with us
  • Receive access to exclusive specials and packages throughout the year
  • Receive a $100 gift certificate after earning 10 points!

Terms & Conditions

  • To receive Reward Points during your stay at the resort, the guest must identify his Rewards Number when making the room reservation over the phone or online. One Rewards number per reservation will be accepted.
  • The Guest with the Rewards Number must be listed as the primary guest on the reservation.
  • Reward Points are recorded when the Rewards Member checks into the resort, not when the reservation is made, and are credited to the Member's account 14 days after the guest checks out of the hotel. 
  • After the Rewards Member accumulates 10 reward points, the guest will receive a $100 gift certificate that will be eligible for future reservations only. Complimentary nights are not included in the 10 point quota.
  • Gift certificates are valid weekdays and weekends and not valid for holidays or special events.
  • Gift certificates cannot be combined with other Hotel or Spa packages or specials.
  • Only guests booking directly through La Dolce Vita will be receive Reward Points. Guests who book their reservations through Online Travel Agencies, including but not limited to: Expeida, Ortbitz,,, etc. will not receive Reward Points during their stay.  

Rewards Program Sign Up:

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